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Personal Development -

Personal development that's personal.

In our hectic lives we can run around doing things, aiming for success in the world - but are we happier or more fulfilled?

Perhaps if we were to focus on being more instead of doing more we would be able to hear again the calling of our authentic self - the being in our human being - and reconnect with the self we have forgotten. This is the essence of the Being More approach. So welcome to the Being More website with resources to help you discover yourself!

Personal Development

At Being More we believe that we are all into Personal Development and not Self Improvement. We do not believe that we need to be improved, because there is nothing fundamentally wrong with us, we're OK as we are!

Yet we are in a constant state of developing in order to fulfil our potential. We believe that personal development is the unfolding of ourselves - just as a bud opens and the rose unfurls. Our essence and our potential are already there and we develop and unfurl through being more ourselves - through being more our self. This unfolding lasts a lifetime, so there is always more to learn and discover about yourself - if only you choose to look.

We have a range of resources that we hope you will enjoy and maybe help you think differently about what being more yourself could mean for you. For instance you might like to take a look at some of our thought-provoking and informative personal development articles. For example you might like to start by reading about how you define your own personal identity.

Or if you are looking for a book to read then we have a number of book reviews where you might just find something that hits the spot. Or if you are looking for inspiration on the fly, then glance at some of our inspirational quotes, drawing on the wisdom of ages past, but yet still startlingly relevant to us today - personal development has been around for thousands of years!

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Whatever stage of life you are at, your journey of personal development is not about being more than you already are - it's about being more of who you already are - and rediscovering your uniqueness that may have got lost somewhere in the busyness along life's path.

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