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Being More is a phrase that had been living with me at the back of my mind for some years.  Having always been interested in how people work, especially myself of course, I naturally became interested in personal growth and development; always interested in learning something new - being more this or being more that.

After some time of reflection, it dawned on me that being more this or being more that was all well and good, but it felt like you were always chasing something, whilst actually perhaps the solution was just being more.

We are often rushing about trying to do stuff or have stuff in order to feel a certain way - and yet we can usually feel that way just by being. So being more seemed like a good mantra to keep in my mind as an antidote to the doing more society that we live in.

Yet I didn't want to sit on a mountain-top meditating for the rest of my life - I still wanted to grow and develop - I still wanted more from life's experiences - and I realised I already had that mantra too - being more - still not doing more, but instead being more than I already was, being more of myself, fulfilling my potential.

So being more is a mantra to meditate on, an antidote to the doing more culture and now a brand name.

I hope you enjoy what is on offer.

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